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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and conditions of use

The content provided on our website is protected by copyright. Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH permits the downloading of all content exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. If content is reproduced, explicit reference must be made to the rights of Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH as owner and copyright holder. The content must not be altered and must not be used on other websites or computers without the written consent of Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH. The content may not be copied, presented, shown, distributed or otherwise utilised for public or commercial purposes. Any party breaching these provisions must immediately destroy all printed out or downloaded content. We reserve the right to claim further damages.

Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform at /consumers/odr/%20. Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH does not participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer dispute resolution body in accordance with section 36 of the German law governing alternative dispute resolution in consumer matters (VSBG) and nor is it obliged to do so.

Picture Credits

Picture credits

We would like to thank all tourist information offices, attractions, museums and other service providers for the images they have supplied to us.

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Download of files

As a service for third parties, Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH makes files available for download. Users download these files at their own risk. Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH is not liable for loss or damage resulting from the installation or use of software from the download area, so far as such exclusion of liability is permitted by law. Although regular virus scans are carried out, liability for loss and impairment caused by computer viruses is excluded to the extent permitted under law.

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Design and programming

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